• Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

  • Speciality and Fine Chemicals

  • Detailed Engineering

  • Pharma

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical Services- TOPSE believes that design for pharmaceutical facility is more of an art than just pure engineering and science. It requires a clear understanding of the processes as well as consideration of current GMP regulations, statutory norms and special requirements of gowning, cleaning, air filtration and water purification.

TOPSE is having the high strength in Process engineering. We have worked with many clients and successfully completed numerous sterile and non-sterile Pharmaceutical facilities.
It includes API and Formulations for
  • Liquid syrups & Suspensions.
  • Small Volume Parenteral.
  • Large Volume Parenteral (Infusions) filled using Blow-Fill-Seal and Form-Fill-Seal technologies.
  • Capsules
  • Tablets