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The CIP skid is the heart of CIP. The CIP skid supplies all cleaning circuits with the necessary flow, temperature, and conductivity for the correct amount of time through automated control.

Although there are many differences in design, nearly all CIP skids have common components that are vital to their functionality

These components include one or more tanks, a pump, flow meter, heat exchanger, temperature transmitter, conductivity meter, and associated valves and piping.

The success of every cleaning application is determined by the combination of these four main parameters:

Time The duration of time that a surface is exposed to cleaning fluid.
Action The level of impingement a surface experiences during cleaning, dependent of flow velocity or spray device design.
Concentration / Conductivity The amount of chemical per unit volume contained within the cleaning fluid. This includes caustic, acid, and sanitizer.
Temperature The amount of heat energy within the cleaning fluid that can be transferred to a surface.