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Solvent Recovery Unit

Solvent Recovery Unit

In most of the Industries different chemicals or solvent are used in the process, which will come along with product or waste water stream.
TPSL’s established technological expertise and proven engineering skill offers perfect solution in the field on solvent recovery for API-Bulk drug and intermediate and Specialty and fine chemical industries.
Our team of Process engineers take up studies for the best possibilities of recovering solvents and other important chemicals from the liquid discharges as well as gaseous exhausts

TPSL Offer’s

  • Design, Manufacture, Installation & commissioning of solvent recovery Plants.
  • Fully Automatic PLC/DCS based system.
  • Detailed surveys for the evaluations of the economics involved in recovery and reuse of your solvent.


  • Recover solvent with up to 99% efficiency and eliminate air pollution hazards at the same time.
  • Fully automated systems including PLC operations result in minimal manpower to operate the plant following full safety precautions.
  • Recovered solvents or chemical can be reused in the industries it-self, which reduces the cost of manufacturing.
  • Implementing a recycling and recovery program will reduce your production of hazardous waste while showing your support of green initiatives.

Why Topse?

Topse’s Solvent recovery unit has high performance, cost efficient process that meet each client’s individual requirements. Continuous innovation and advancement has been a hallmark of Topse’s Engineering.